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Blacklist Bookquet • Plant a Banned Book Library

Voted Best in Class • InFocus Film School, 2023

Blacklist Bookquet is a company that aims to protect free speech and rally against book-banning with a “Plant a Banned Book Library” seed line. Titles of banned books that include a colour are paired with flowers of the hue mentioned, connecting the seeds chosen to the company’s mission.

Designed to feel at home in a school library, this series of packets employs friendly typefaces to appeal to students. Green and gold — prominent in the manila envelopes and Emeralite lamp shades often seen in libraries — comprise the primary colour palette. The flower illustrations were created using legally-sourced reference photos as a base, and the brush tools in Photoshop add digitally-painted artistic flare and stylization.

The company logo is reminiscent of a library stamp, complete with light green “bookends” on either side. Ultimately, the goal of this series is to open a dialogue with students regarding the risks of undue censorship, and to increase awareness that book-banning is on the rise.

Honoured with bronze placement for this project at the 2024 Indigo Awards, an international design competition. Click here to view.

OBJECTIVE: to design a seed company logo + a trio of seed packets in support of a worthy cause

TARGET AUDIENCE: students and families visiting school + community libraries.

TONE: fresh, friendly, playful.

PROGRAMS USED: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop.