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Graphic Design

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Summertime at Grouse Mountain

The Peak of Vancouver

Grouse Mountain is a flagship attraction of Vancouver, BC located on the north shore, and it isn’t just a place for winter sports! There are plenty of things to do during the summer months and this map is here to guide you.

I created a set of 23 icons and connected them by colour + the repeated use of lines as a design element. To include the shrouding trees, I created one evergreen tree stamp and played with sizes and tints for the mountain background.

The six process colours used for this 18 x 24 map are intended to be gender-neutral, and the legend is large and placed at the bottom so that it may be seen as a map from a distance.

OBJECTIVE: to design a stylized map + legend of Grouse Mountain, to scale.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Vancouver residents + tourists of all ages visiting Grouse Mountain.

TONE: clear, friendly, modern.

PROGRAMS USED: Adobe Illustrator.