Graphic Design


Graphic Design

Field Guide Design

Book Design, Typesetting, Typographic Illustration

Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest

A Field Guide of Nourishing + Healing Plants

A field guide is an illustrated manual designed to help the reader identify things occurring in nature such as plants, rocks or wildlife. It is an educational book, consisting of illustrations of the subject, its common + scientific name, a physical description, and the natural habitat it would be found in. This particular field guide is for identifying wildflowers that are safe to eat and also possess healing properties.

The wildflowers in this field guide have been created by layering letterforms, rendering them typographic illustrations. This project was an exploration in typesetting, experimenting with letterforms, outlining type and using the typographic grid.

OBJECTIVE: to design a field guide comprised of vector typographic illustrations, inspired by the National Audubon Society.

TARGET AUDIENCE: female hikers, herbalists + gardeners of all ages interested in identifying wildflowers native to the Pacific Northwest landscape that include British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and western Montana.

TONE: bright, feminine, educational, natural.

PROGRAMS USED: Adobe InDesign.