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Graphic Design

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Art Direction, Identity Design, Logo Design

Oddities + Curiosities Expo

Voted Best in Class • InFocus Film School, 2024

Described as a show for “lovers of the strange and unusual,” the Oddities + Curiosities Expo has an inherent sense of magic to it. Drawing inspiration from mythical creatures present in North American folklore, I designed a jackalope containing letters “O” and “C” to become the new logo.

Next I developed the 2024 theme titled Prologue, shining a spotlight on a special collection of modern artisans continuing to create adornments + oddities by way of old time practices. Attendees of this expo would be able to peer into a past world and experience the magic of traditional craft. To illustrate the notion of looking back into the past, a crystal ball became the focal point of my key art, the basis for the entire campaign.

OBJECTIVE: to rebrand the visual identity of the Oddities + Curiosities Expo complete with a new logo, theme + key visual for use across multiple pieces of collateral.

TARGET AUDIENCE: adults 20-50 years old, folks interested in “all things weird” including taxidermy, preserved specimens, Halloween inspired pieces, antiques, odd jewelry and more.

TONE: imaginative, bold, rebellious. 

PROGRAMS USED: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD.